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Choosing your outfit is also choosing your color, your tastes, your trends. KOTCH&THEGANG children’s fashion creates a new world where imagination rules. By creating our clothing lines, we want to celebrate life, paradoxes, metamorphoses, non-conformism, passing time, simplicity, mixing, collective, present, future, magic, timeless , singular, plural…


What if we designed children’s clothing differently? 2023 is the grand launch of KOTCH&THEGANG! The brand is committed to responsible, virtuous and long-lasting children’s fashion: conscious choice of fabric, evolving oversize looks, unisex & timeless style. It offers for all rebellious children from 2 to 12 years old, looks that are both simple and audacious, to mix and match!


Freely inspired by his mother’s creations, Kotch decided to launch his children’s fashion brand made in France. KOTCH&THEGANG is a French brand dedicated to children from 2 to 12 years old. The brand imagines the entire collection and then the production is carried out by a French clothing workshop. Indeed, once the fabrics have been carefully selected, and the models defined, everything is sent to the sewing workshop. At first, each children’s item of clothing is worked on by the designer, then we start the development of a prototype and then the complete production of the collection.

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To limit our environmental impact as much as possible and for the well-being of children, KOTCH&THEGANG mainly selects deadstock fabrics or in organic cotton and as much as possible in natural fibers. Each child’s outfit must be comfortable to wear to be able to parade freely!

And, to make life easier for parents, easily washable materials are prioritized. In addition, each outfit is made in France, in small quantities or even in limited series. The production is adjusted according to the needs by limiting the loss and the waste.


KOTCH&THEGANG has created a collection that follows children throughout their journey and their exploration of the world. To fight the obsolescence of children’s clothing, the sizes are designed to offer an evolving outfit that suits the child for a long time in an unisex, oversized, timeless and assertive style. All trousers, shorts, skirts, etc. have elastic waistbands for maximum comfort and to facilitate independent dressing of the little ones!


KOTCH&THEGANG has created  and interchangeable “layering collections” so that you can freely mix clothes and create your own ultra-quirky outfits! Dare to combine colours, patterns and prints! Everything is possible and everything works! Discover the looks of KOTCH&THEGANG!



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